Nasty divorce: Ten times Polycarp Igathe defended Sonko

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Former Nairobi County Deputy Governor Polycarp Igathe. PHOTO | SALATON NJAUFormer Nairobi County Deputy Governor Polycarp Igathe. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU By HILARY KIMUYU

Polycarp Igathe surprised Nairobians on Friday evening by tendering his resignation as deputy governor.

Mr Igathe had in the past vehemently defended his boss Governor Mike Sonko on TV and social media.

In fact, seven hours to his resignation, he had vehemently defended Sonko over the piling garbage in the city.

Here are ten times Mr Igathe defended and praised Mr Sonko.

FAKE NEWS:Let’s stop creating distractions with POROJO na FITINA. This is politics of distraction.
H.E. Governor SONKO is my BOSS, my FRIEND & my BROTHER. I am very LOYAL to him & I campaigned WITH him to help him deliver to you.#SonkoNaIgathe is focussed on #RegeneratingNairobi

— Polycarp Igathe (@IgathePolycarp) November 22, 2017

@SonkoRescueTeam have been recognised & won best performing charity organisation in Kenya, in June 2017, despite calls by the then County Govt to shut them down. Hats off to @SonkoRescueTeam & @MikeSonko for their passion & persistence in making a +ve difference to our great city

— Polycarp Igathe (@IgathePolycarp) January 9, 2018

Luckily @MikeSonko & I can handle criticism & remain focused on the goal…

— Polycarp Igathe (@IgathePolycarp) January 5, 2018

For those who may not be FANS of us or our work, we continue to keep our eyes on the ball & bring about the positive change we were elected to bring. When all is said & done, you will reconsider your stand but in the meantime, you will play your part to better COUNTY & COUNTRY.

— Polycarp Igathe (@IgathePolycarp) December 23, 2017

For the next 2yrs, @MikeSonko & I will not be popular. Distractions will be put on our path but we will continue working to deliver what has failed our great city of Nairobi for 20yrs. To make this monumental change, we need to focus. After that, you can judge us from the results

— Polycarp Igathe (@IgathePolycarp) December 14, 2017

My Boss H.E. Mike Sonko and I enjoying a recap of the happenings of the week. Political distractions aside, we have a brotherhood that goes beyond the ongoing rumours

— Polycarp Igathe (@IgathePolycarp) November 23, 2017

I want to assure people out there that the governor is focused because his first promise was a clean & bright Nairobi – Polycarp Igathe. #NTVToday @MarkMasai

— NTV Kenya (@ntvkenya) January 12, 2018

I am enjoying the passion with which @SonkoRescueTeam is being discussed. SRT is an NGO & activities by them to clean up the city are funded by well-wishers & my Boss @MikeSonko whose philanthropic ways are being used to make a difference in our city. Funds do not come from NCC

— Polycarp Igathe (@IgathePolycarp) January 9, 2018

Sonko’s humour is for the Oscars. I couldn’t have asked for a better Boss. #WorkHardPlayHard

— Polycarp Igathe (@IgathePolycarp) November 23, 2017

BIG shout out & thank you to my BOSS, my BROTHER and FRIEND, H.E. Mike Mbuvi Sonko! @MikeSonko

— Polycarp Igathe (@IgathePolycarp) December 23, 2017

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