Zari opens up about using Diamond Platnumz for her own gain

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Diamond Platnumz

Zari is the hot Ugandan socialite that is currently in a common law marriage with Bongo Flava singer Diamond Platnumz. That is just incase you have been living under a rock for the last 2 years.

Zari was previously married to a business tycoon who died in 2017 called Ivan Ssemwanga. That marrieage fell apart and Zari has since alleged physical abuse as one of the reasons the marriage failed.
Cue Diamond to enter stage right.

Diamond Platnumz strumming his guitar

The two have been a power couple for the past 2 years but the truth is, Zari has been benefiting from her association with Diamond since then and she knows it. she was recently put to task to explain her “Diamond privilege” and she admitted to asmuch:

“Naweza kusema ndiyo na hapana, ndiyo kwa sababu sahivi tumekuwa couple yenye nguvu (power couple) watu wanapenda kutuongelea sana na vitu kama hivyo hata hivyo kabla kulikuwa kuna watu walikuwa wanamjua Diamond mimi hawanijua na kuna watu walikuwa wananijua mimi na Diamond hawamjui kwaiyo nahisi tumesaidiana kujulikana,”

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